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Goal Setting Tips That Will Work for Anyone

Goal Setting Tips That Will Work for Anyone

The middle of the calendar year is tough. Summer is over and New Years goals seem so far away but that doesn’t mean we should neglect our own aspirations in life. Typical goals include losing weight, paying off credit card debt, running a marathon, and making time to spend with your family. Or maybe your goal is simply being more responsible for yourself: emailing your bank to meet with a financial planner, calling Thrive MD to schedule an appointment, or even grocery shopping more regularly and eating out less often. Whatever your goal, check out these tips to make it happen!

1. Plan Tangible Goals
We’ve all heard it before, set a goal you can achieve. If it’s not realistic to become a professional athlete or a millionaire in a short amount of time, it’s most likely not a great goal and should be reassessed. Goals are most meaningful for people when they show a noticeable improvement in the quality of life and when they can be crossed off a list. With every accomplishment, it encourages confidence and inspires an even harder objective to take its place. Start off with easily attainable tasks that you know you can complete with little effort. This will set the pace and standard for goals to follow.
2. Set A Deadline
In today’s society there are distractions around every corner. Even people with the best of intentions can lose track of their goals in this fast paced world. That’s why setting a deadline is important. Like your goals, deadlines should also be attainable. Can they be difficult deadlines to achieve? Absolutely! That’s the purpose of a goal, to push yourself to further limits, but they also need to be realistic. If your goal is to learn a skill or complete a 5K, there are plenty of supports already in place. Hire an expert to teach the basics or research an appropriate app that provides a running schedule so you don’t get hurt or burnt out. It’s okay to reach out for assistance in order to reach your goals on time.
3. Give Yourself Some Grace
Perhaps the most important tip for setting goals is to give yourself some grace. You’re showing growth and progress by simply making an effort to better yourself. Don’t get bogged down if a goal takes longer than anticipated or requires additional assistance; it’s okay. It’s okay to readjust your goals and it’s even okay to fail as long as you keep trying.
Goal setting can be a tricky task, but having a plan of action will always help. Stay strong and reach those goals!

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