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Goal update and a few links

Goal update and a few links

I like to check in on my goals regularly to be sure that I’m making progress. (And also to make sure I haven’t forgotten any of them!) In the first quarter, I’ve:

  • Made regular contributions to my Roth IRA (although not nearly large enough contributions)
  • Continued to contribute to my 401(k)
  • Purchased stock each month
  • Paid extra on our mortgage each month
  • Continued tracking and evaluating expenditures
  • Continued saving for vacations & irregular expenses
  • Increased my donations to charity
  • Filled out the 4-Hour Work Week’s Dreamline worksheet
  • Made progress on meeting my exercise goal
  • Gotten a massage, brought home flowers, and tried something different each month
  • Launched my new business (although not yet my new product, which is kind of key)

Overall, I’m happy with my progress so far. There are a few goals that I haven’t done anything on yet, but that will be remedied. Soon, I hope. The most important thing that I’ve done wasn’t even listed as a goal, but that was getting a handle on how much time things really take and reducing procrastination.

Now on to some links:

Canadian Capitalist discusses investing in a period of high inflation.

MoneyNing writes about why we’re all important.

Zen Habits tells how to beat the misery of discontentment.

Broke Bettie wants to know, do you have more than one resume?

On Simplicity offers four ways to fight the “but I might need it someday” syndrome.

Four Pillars hosts the Carnival of Personal Finance. (I really need to get back into doing those.)

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