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Hand-Picked Atlanta App Review- Best Local Deals

Hand-Picked Atlanta App Review- Best Local Deals

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There aren’t many couponing apps that offer city-specific services. Most major couponing apps cater to a country-wide audience. But what difference does it make? Every city in the United States has its own unique culture and tradition.

It is essential that the deals and offers should be tailored to meet the unique needs of an individual. This is where Hand-Picked Atlanta comes into play. As the name suggests, this app is designed for the residents of Atlanta. In this post, I have reviewed the Hand-Picked Atlanta app.

About the Creator of Hand-Picked Atlanta

Hand-Picked Atlanta was previously known as Scoutmob. After the change of name, a lot of people were left confused – their favorite local couponing app had suddenly disappeared! But everything seems to be in the correct order as of now. Founded in the year 2010 by David Payne and Michael Tavani, Scoutmob is a curated lifestyle eCommerce company based in Atlanta, Georgia.

How Does the Hand-Picked Atlanta App Work?

The Hand-Picked Atlanta app includes six exciting categories of deals: Dinner for 2, Happenings, Health and Wellness, Local Activities, Arts and Performance, and Boozy Goodness. If you check them out on the app, you will notice that all six categories are created for the hip and upbeat crowd of Atlanta. Even those in their 40s and 50s can find something interesting to do–using this app.

So how does the Hand-Picked Atlanta app work? It’s quite simple. Download the app from the app store. Create a free account by providing some basic information about yourself. And then browse from one of the six categories to find something interesting. In the Dinner for 2 section, you can find deals for as low as $24. I’m talking about the best pizza in town with drinks included!

Once you purchase the coupon from the app, you are required to bring an ID for personal identification. Also, unfortunately, Hand-Picked Atlanta does not allow people below 21 years of age to benefit from the deals. Lastly, every coupon has an expiration date. This is all you need to know to find something affordable and interesting to do in Atlanta.

What I Like About Hand-Picked Atlanta App

The hippest deals app out there”- The Wired

I like the curated meals the Hand-Picked Atlanta app offers. Curated meals for two in fancy restaurants are always pricey. However, the Hand-Picked Atlanta app gives me a chance to live a good life without having to make a dent in my wallet. The Local Activities category is also quite lively. They offer a month pass for yoga/pilates classes under $30.

What I Don’t Like About Hand-Picked Atlanta App

The Hand-Picked Atlanta app does offer an option to switch cities. But when I try to switch cities, it fails to register the new city. This is the only drawback I could find about this app.

My Recommendation

I recommend this app to the residents of Atlanta who wish to go out every weekend without worrying about expense. This app can also be of great help if you are new to the town and want to mingle with the locals.


The Hand-Picked Atlanta app is available for free on the Apple App Store. Click here to download the app.

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