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Have a Party

Have a Party

My husband came to me recently and asked me what I wanted to do once we paid off our mortgage. “Have a party”, was the first thing that popped out of my mouth. He laughed because he’d meant “what financial goal do you want to work on after we pay off our mortgage”, but I was still bent on the party.

It got me thinking, paying off debt and saving money ARE reasons to celebrate. It can become as addicting and stimulating as stopping in for that morning dose of caffeine used to be. Maybe I’m just strange, but I have a little mini-celebration every time I send money to my savings account or pay a bill (especially if it’s not a recurring bill or if it’s my last payment). I get excited when I deposit money to my account that’s earmarked for expenses or get a rebate or free coupon in the mail. I even look forward to paying bills. (Ok, now you probably ARE thinking that I’m strange.)

But it’s a mindset, one that keeps me motivated and on track or ahead of things. Much better than the days of frustration, stress & worry that used to be the norm around bill-paying time. So start celebrating even the littlest things. You’ll find that there’s more and more to celebrate as time goes on.

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  • I look forward to paying bills too, it’s not that strange. =) I think having a party to celebrate that you own your own house free and clear is a great idea and definitely one worth toasting to.

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