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Hm, that’s not right

Hm, that’s not right

My phone has been acting up lately. It’s an iPhone, and you have to slide a little arrow across the screen to unlock it so that you can use it. The other day I slide the arrow, and the phone completely froze up. I couldn’t do a darn thing with it — not even turn off the phone. It was like that for maybe an hour, and then magically started working normally again.

It seemed to work fine after that, until yesterday. The phone rang, and I answered it, but couldn’t hear a thing. I tried to listen to my voicemail, and couldn’t hear that either. Tried to call the person back, and couldn’t hear them (or even the phone ringing.) I eventually got it working again, but decided what had happened just wasn’t a good sign.

Of course, my warranty is expired (since I’ve had the phone for a little more than a year.) But I’d paid for it with my American Express, so I gave them a call and yes, they provide an extended warranty for it. They’ll be sending me some paperwork to fill out, which seems simple enough. I just hope I can get a replacement one that works well. (I don’t want to have to get the 3G version.)

Ok, enough about my phone and the extended warranty. Here’s some other reading that might interest you:

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Four Pillars hosts a post about the curse of pretend money.

Mrs. Micah points out that the government is not giving you a stimulus check or grant.

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  • same thing happens with my iphone ALL the time! also, a bunch of my apps work fine for the first few days, but then when i click on them to open, it appears as if they’re loading and then it immediately takes me back to the home (icons) page.

  • Ours did the same thing too. My husband took his SIM out, reset the phone and put my SIM card in. It never did it again.

  • Hmm, I’ve talked about my possessed phone(s) before. I’m on my third one, now, thanks to AppleCare, but I can’t afford for it to act up any more since the warranty is up. Good luck!

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