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Holiday Tipping

Holiday Tipping

How much to tip seems to be a perennial question, and who to tip probably runs a close second. I normally stick with 15-20% when tipping. (unless service was either abysmal or outstanding.) However, the holidays seem to be a different story.

There are holiday tipping guides for every service provider out there. Covering everyone from mail carriers (who incidentally are not allowed to receive cash gifts) to dog groomers. One thing that is often overlooked may be greatly appreciated in addition to any monetary tipping you may do: writing a heartfelt thank you note.

Detail exactly what you like about the person’s service and why you appreciate them. Don’t just say something vague like “Thanks for all you do, we appreciate it!” A comment like “We love the way you always deliver the mail at the same time each day. We appreciate it because we know exactly when to expect it” is much more meaningful.

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If the person you are tipping is employed, consider writing the thank you note to their supervisor instead and copying them on it. It could help bring a raise to their future. If they are a small business owner, offer to act as a reference and give them a glowing review that they can use to bring in more business. If nothing else, you’ll have done something nice for someone else during a stressful time of year.

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