It is no secret that social media has rapidly gained prominence over years and more so in recent times. Several platforms and applications such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and WordPress have allowed people to connect to each other and also gain an insight into the lives of each and every person who they follow or have added from their respective social media accounts. This has also led to an increase in the number of bloggers or influencers in various fields such as fashion, food blogging, literature and poetry write-ups, video blogs also known as vlogs and posting about pets, animals, or nature.

Blogging is the new key to earning. And it’s not just earning for sustenance but actually doing well and establishing a name for oneself in the world. Beginning a blog is very simple. You just need to pick a name for your blog, choose your field of interest, select the target audience with who you wish to engage and ensure that you create creative content which is bound to get the attention of people. Then you must wonder that how is your blog going to gain popularity? Well, the answer is simple. Uniqueness is what will you the viral attention that you desire.

Copying other bloggers may get you fame for a while that is sure to die out soon. On the contrary, if you are true to yourself and channelize your hidden potentialities into creating and producing something extraordinary, then you are sure to get the lifestyle and recognition that you dream of. An initial investment may be required in order to produce the first set of information for the readers and viewers. However, collaborations later are what help you earn and make it big.

Usually, it is seen that brands, companies and pages prefer bloggers with minimum 5k followers and active engagement in posts. Knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and social media marketing may also be of great help in order to choose blogging and make money out of it. In fact, there have been many successful bloggers who have left their full-time jobs and made a career in the aforesaid field.

Some common methods of making a blog famous are to post about it on each and every social media handle of yours, gets friends to engage with the content and ask them as well to advertise it on their profiles as that would mean more and more to see and know about your project and ask other bloggers and pages with a good number of followers to give you shout-outs. Please note that these shout-outs may be paid but they are merely part of your investment in establishing your name. another technique to make yourself known to others is by keeping a track of the latest trending hashtags and applications. A classic example of this would be which was launched recently and has provided active users with great fame in a short period of time.

Thus, blogging is the new key to earning if it is done smartly.