Interim Management is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the US and UK, and more and more businesses are seeing how getting Interim Talent onboard can help them.

For all its growing profile many people still only think of Interim as a form of Crisis Management. Most people think of Interim Managers as people who are brought into big businesses that have got set in their ways and run into a crisis they didn’t have the talent to foresee or cope with.

While that’s true, and a good reason to hire an Interim Manager, they can add value to businesses at every level, including start-ups in their very early days. You don’t need to wait for a crisis to work with Interim Talent.

The key to recognising that is seeing that while start-ups are small, flexible and agile, they still need input from experienced, executive level specialists. It just doesn’t make sense to employ them full-time. The average start-up has a little over five employees. A five employee company with an idea that has them burning the midnight oil to get their product turned around and out into the world can’t support a dedicated HR department. That would be a waste of resources.

What this five-man band does need is a bit of HR knowledge from an experienced expert. An Interim HR Manager spending a few weeks working with this start-up early on can help set up systems to track the hours everyone is putting in, leave taken and days sickness, as well as deeper systems for tracking and developing employees core competencies.

After a few weeks of educating the start-up about the key issues involved, they can move on to other contracts, while this lean unit of developers continues to benefit from the skills and systems imported into your company.

The growth of Interim Recruitment firms allows start-ups to pick and choose the experience they need to benefit from and work with the experts for as long as they need to build their expertise into their company, and then move on. It avoids saddling young companies with high level employees who have less to contribute over time, and keeps start-ups small and agile while giving the advantages of businesses years older and more established.

Finding the right Interim Recruitment firm is vital and the best place to start is by consulting your professional network. A recommendation from a trusted peer is worth far more than a company’s own advertising or online reviews. Your peers know your personality and needs and can tailor recommendations to you personally.