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How does our garden grow?

How does our garden grow?

Our garden is growing like crazy — or should I say that the tomato plant portion of our garden is growing like crazy.

I only planted a tomato plant, some corn, and a strawberry plant this season, because our peas were still growing when it was time to plant. So now half of our garden is completely bare (because the peas have since died) and the other half has some corn & strawberries duking it out with the tomato.

But they are growing, so that’s good! I noticed that there a few ears on the corn, and the tomato plant is laden with unripe tomatoes. I can’t exactly see the strawberries, so I’m not sure what’s going on with them…

We are thinking of adding a second 4ftx4ft box to plant some additional plants in June, so we’ll have to set aside some money for that.

Do you have a garden? How is it doing? I imagine it’s planting time most places…

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