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How I’m Saving for a House and You Can Too

How I’m Saving for a House and You Can Too

How I'm Saving for a House and You Can Too

A brand new year calls for a brand new and improved version of yourself. It is time that you assess yourself and to start your efforts to become a better you.


To make things easier for you, it is best that you think of a goal that you want to achieve this year or probably in the next few years. Do you wish to buy a new house or at least start saving for it? Who wouldn’t want to buy a new house especially when you see those beautiful properties advertised online. There are breathtaking properties for sale on McGrath that will definitely inspire you to save money so you can afford to buy one as soon as possible.


To be able to start saving for a new house, it is important that you assess your spending habits. Most people are careless when it comes to handling their finances. In this article, we will discuss some habits that you can say goodbye to, to finally start saving for a new house. Simple things and gestures can contribute a lot in making big dreams possible so do not underestimate.


So what are the habits that you should stop?

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  1. Shopping impulsively – there is nothing bad about shopping especially when you are buying things that you need. However, it is advisable that you plan your shopping trips including the things that you will buy. The thing about shopping in an impulse is that you tend to make bad decisions. You buy things that you don’t actually need and you don’t even like. In the end, you just waste money – money that you could’ve saved for the future. So make sure to plan your shopping lists and trips.
  2. Buying the latest gadgets every time – why do you have to buy the latest gadgets released in the market on the actual release date or even earlier (pre-order)? Is there some sort of competition? Learn to control the urge to buy the latest gadgets most especially if yours are still in good condition and working fine. You can buy new gadgets if you really need to.
  3. Maxing out your credit cards – another habit that you should start to say goodbye to is maxing out your credit cards. You are drowning yourself in debts through high charges and interest rates. Learn to use cash on your purchase transactions.
  4. Eating out all the time – eating out is not only expensive but it is also unhealthy for you. It is best that you prepare your own food at home. Learn to cook and start eating healthier meals, which cost you, a lot cheaper compared to dining out in restaurants.
  5. Smoking – if you’re a smoker then it is the perfect time to stop. Think about the money that you spend on cigarettes. You can easily save that to add to your savings. And needless to say, smoking is very bad for your health.


Those are seemingly simple things that you do in your daily life but when you stopped doing those, you will see how much you can save. If you wish to save money and be closer to your goal of buying a new house then you should start to stick with important things and start bidding these habits goodbye.

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