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How Much Money Do You Really Need?

How Much Money Do You Really Need?

What is enough money? I’ve heard this question asked before, and I’ve been surprised by some of the answers given, but this is my favorite:

“Who needs the money? We don’t care”, responded Craig Newmark, founder of, when asked if he’d be interested in selling. (For details, read “Craigslist founder says he won’t cash in”.)

There’s a person who knows what enough is.

But you don’t have to make millions to have enough money.

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For me, having enough money is more about making sure I don’t have too many bills. If you have very few expenses, you need significantly less money to pay for the basics and then some. My goal is to have enough money in the bank to live off the interest. I’d need to make very little each year to pay for the basics, and anything over that amount would be just gravy.

Could you put a dollar amount on the bare minimum that would be enough? For me, it would be $300,000.

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