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How times have changed

How times have changed

I just realized that I spent about an extra $900 on unplanned things this month.

What’s funny about that is that for many years I didn’t even make $900 in a month; let alone have an EXTRA $900 that I was free to spend.

What a difference a few years and actually having a job makes.

I’m ok with that amount this month, but I sure don’t want to make it a habit! That’s a lot of money, especially to be spending on unplanned things…

Now let’s have some links:

Did you know Father’s Day is tomorrow? Well, Squawkfox has a list of six Father’s Day ideas to help you out. (Along with a story.)

Consciously Frugal talks about the relationship between (often manufactured) fear and consumption.

ABCs of Investing hosts the Carnival of Debt Reduction — learn some basics of investing and check out a whole bunch of articles all in one place.

MoneyNing suggests ways to save money every month.

Millionaire Mommy Next Door reviews Debt Is Slavery, a book I’ll be adding to my reading list. (I love the library.)

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  • Nothing wrong with spending the cash if you have it. The point is not to rob your future self of a decent standard of living to pay for useless knick-knacks now.

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