As an employer, it is strictly necessary for your success that your employees give their hundred percent into work. For that not only do you have to keep them positive and feeling secure in their jobs, you have to constantly challenge them to push their own limits by inches and come up with better plans.  This is something you have to invest your time into because without a great team behind you, you cannot ever achieve your goals in business, because it certainly cannot function as a one man army.

Read the article below to get some clues into building up a challenging workspace for you employees. Make these changes happen at your office and watch your firm grow better.

Mix up teams

Encourage your employees to get out of their comfort zones and bring out their better selves by shuffling the teams at workplace. Let them get the unfamiliar faces familiarized. This means they will have to tap into their unused abilities to produce better results for you, while they are working with a new team of colleagues.  By opening new environments at workplace for your employees, you will be able to improve their skill set. This is sure to bring a positive and desirable change into your business

Get to know them

With a little of social courtesies from your side, your employees can be made loyal to your firm. Get to know your employees and their backgrounds  better to bring out the best in them everyday. It pleases them to know that you care about them. This  little touch of the humane will bring them closer to you, their boss, are well as to the firm. You can always pay them a compliment on doing a task well or encourage them while they are at it. This personalized touch can go way more than you think into making them attached to the company and their job there.

Assign greater responsibilities.

With each progressing day, toughen up the set of tasks you assign them. Let them work themselves and improve while doing their jobs. As important as it is to set them greater responsibilities, make sure the are aware of the progress they as making for themselves as a person. Otherwise they could lapse int9 they thought that they are being over-worked. As they come to realise their new-found progress into being experts, they will give their 100% to achieve more.

Build up individual strategic plans for each one of them

Right from the beginning, set them specific goals to be achieved at different points of time of their work. You could spell out these plans to them and have individual reminders for them about these plans. Having clear goals ahead of them will give your employees an idea of what to work for. This knowledge will challenge them to improve themselves and achieve the set goals in time. Also, let them know of the benefits of finishing the tasks in time. This will add motivational factor to their will to do better.