Honestly, for a business to work today, it needs to have a good follower base on social media. Social media is a powerful tool to boost your business, if used properly. Active presence on the appropriate social media platform has proven to be more effective than a haphazard approach to cover all possible channels available.

We’ve talked about video advertising through Facebook, let us take some time building your Instagram into an effective platform for advertising. So, how do you increase your follower reach? How do you get more people to identify your business channel and get to follow you? This article will provide you with a guide so as to double your followers, that too in a very short period of time:

  • Let us ask ourselves, what do we like the most? Free products.
    Host a contest, a campaign designed to give the winners some free products from your brand, and all they probably have to do is to follow your account and get as many referrals as possible. You can do something similar to that, keeping the rules as simple as possible. If people find it difficult in understanding the specifics of the contest, they may not be so interested and pass on.
  • The contest has to be publicized naturally, so for the contestants to participate they have to first follow you on Instagram and maybe tag some friends in the comment section. Now, when a friend tags you in a post, you take some time to read about it. It is a sort of marketing of your product that happens on a secondary level. When it is coming from a friend, they tend to be more open minded towards the product. All of your customers are your partners in your business. Now, these new customers tag their friend and the cycle continues.
  • Now, if you have more followers on other social media platforms, you could leverage those audiences for Instagram. Maybe you could send out emails and Facebook requests to your entire list of loyal customers about your new contest. This will most likely accelerate activity and traffic on your Instagram account as well.

It isn’t exactly easy to double your audience, it takes meticulous planning to carry out such a thing. To manage and keep everything running smoothly you need help. Apart from a great team and experts at your disposal, you also need a special software to handle all the information and navigate through them.