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How to Get More Credit Card Rewards Points

How to Get More Credit Card Rewards Points

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Rewards points are offered by credit card companies to their customers as in incentive for using their services. By avoiding paying with cash or debit card, you earn your right to get 2-3 percent (or even more in specific cases) of your purchases back. Read this post until the end to learn more about ways to earn even more credit card reward points.

Here Are the Best Ways to Get More Credit Card Rewards Points

1) Add an Authorized User to Your Account

Many credit card users believe that adding an authorized user to your account is like swimming in uncharted waters. You do not have total control over the account and now the other person is accountable for your credit score; and vice versa. This is the furthest thing from the truth. You get rewarded for the purchases made by your authorized user. Some credit card issuers even offer handsome rewards for doing so.

2) Use Your Credit Card to Pay Your Bills

If you are not a frequent flyer or do not shop a lot, you could still rack up the rewards points by using your credit card to pay your bills. From a power bill to mortgage payments, everything should be paid for with your credit card. This is the best way to ensure massive rewards point at the end of the year. 

3) Attend Promotional Activities


If you are a prime member, the credit card company will send you emails inviting you to promotional activities and events all across the country. Generally, the deal is you can book a hotel room or pay for a buffet for a fraction of its original price. This is a reward for attending the event.

4) Transfer Your Reward Points to Another Account

If you are clever with your money, then you are surely qualified to own more than one credit card. If you have some cards that you only use on occasions, it would be wise to transfer the reward points on those cards to your primary rewards account. Rewards points don’t stay forever, they generally expire once a year. Furthermore, some credit card companies also allow you to transfer your rewards point to your family members. 

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5) Compare the Reward Points Offered by Several Issuers Beforehand

NerdWallet has an amazing online tool to compare the best credit cards and also filter them out based on your preferences. It is quite challenging to predict each person’s individual needs. What do you spend the most money on? Do you travel abroad a lot? Does your business require you to stay in hotels often? Once you have clear answers to these questions you will know what card to choose.


To conclude, the best and only way to ensure higher reward points is by spending more money. In particular, purchasing items and services from brands affiliated with your credit card issuers. Hence, you should only go for the service that best suits your individual needs.

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