359+ million Google+ active users exist today, that’s more than the 200 million Twitter users online!
Source: – GlobalWebIndex

Social media is used not only as personal social platform; it is also extensively used by businesses to network and connect with their target audience. The dynamic environment in the socialsphere has made it even more important for businesses to understand which channels to use, the objective of their communication and whom they wish to connect with. The right social media channel mix needs to be determined to leverage the power it has in connecting with the market.
While LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have been used earlier by businesses, Google+ over the years has gained momentum only recently. As other social channels seem to be saturated, Google+ now plays an important role in creating business relationships and professional connections.

Here are a few pointers to know how you can leverage the power of Google+ to grow your business:-

1. Get Google+ Authorship – To create a connection between content you wish to promote such as your blog or website, claim your Google+ Authorship. Either link your content with your Google+ profile or create an email from the domain you use. This will help in building influence and authority with your audience.

2. Use Your Business Page as Your Google+ Profile – Instead of using your personal profile, switch to your business page on Google+ in order to increase your audience reach. Using your business page when interacting in communities will further help in building credibility for your business.

3. Create an Impressive Visual Appeal with a Cover Photo – Visual media today is preferred as it attracts attention and generates interest. Using a bold cover photo will definitely help in attractively branding your business.

4. Use the Google+ Badge – In order to increase your audience from your website or from search results, include the Google+ badge to enable readers create a link to your Google+ profile without leaving the current site they are on. This will help in establishing credibility and ownership of content.

5. Use Hashtags – A great tactic to reach out to users beyond your circle of followers is by using relevant hashtags with every update. This will help in increasing exposure for the content you publish.

6. Engage with Google+ Hangouts and Communities – While online meetings and webinars may be an expensive affair, Google+ Hangouts is a great ‘free’ tool which could be used host meetings. Videos of Hangouts could be shared on YouTube to increase visibility and participating in various Google communities will help in creating engagement.
Social media is a powerful tool for businesses to establish their credibility, create connections and build trust and relationships. Google+ is widely used by businesses today to increase visibility, widen the scope of their market and connect with their audience. If you have a business you wish to promote, Google+ is definitely a tool you need to utilize to gain a pulse on the market and to make your brand’s voice heard over all the noise in the socialsphere.