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How to Make Money (for Kids) Fast and Easy

How to Make Money (for Kids) Fast and Easy

How to Make Money (for Kids) Fast and Easy

Hmmm… how to make money as a kid… I spent a lot of time thinking about how to make money as a kid. Now you don’t have to. In this post, I’m going to share tricks for how to make money (for kids). I think of myself as an authority on this subject. By the time I graduated college at age 21, I had earned $100,000 (click link for my story). Everything I’m about to share with you is practical and can all be started right away. These paths are for people who want to begin earning real money, really quickly. A lot of parents say, “School is you’re only job.” That’s unfortunate they think that way. By the time I got out of school, I had a $100,000 head start on my peers. I wouldn’t change a thing. Let’s get started…

How to Make Money? – Create at least one online income stream

This is so important. You should create at least one way to make an income online. I recommend you start blogging or vlogging. Don’t worry about building up an audience, just keep producing quality content. If your content is quality, people will find you. It’s the old saying… built it and they will come. Use WordPress for blogging and YouTube for vlogging. Don’t forget social media – a lot of views come from there! Expect a post about creating online income as a teenager in the future. Be sure to subscribe (right sidebar) for the post to get sent right to your inbox!

how to make money for kids

How to Make Money as a Kid Offline as Well


  • Unused/unwanted presents from birthday’s/holiday’s

When you’re a kid, you get lots of stuff you don’t really want/need. When you stop caring about an item, list it on Craigslist and/or eBay. I like Craigslist because it’s easy and free to use. And don’t get depressed about selling something you received as a gift. The reason someone gave you that gift is to bring joy to your life. If it no longer brings you joy, find what does: money. Trust me, if whoever gave you the gift has your best intentions at heart, they won’t mind that you’re selling the gift. After all, it served its purpose. Now it’s time to turn it into cash.

Although I wouldn’t make it a habit of telling people you are selling off gifts. Some people may be offended even though there is no reason they should be.

  • Stuff parents want to get rid of for a high commission

Your parents probably have a lot of old stuff crammed in their attic, basement, and/or garage. Offer to sell everything they don’t want for a 50% commission (click for definition). That commission sounds high but your parents are getting a lot of benefits: their house gets cleaned, they don’t have to sell the items themselves, and you learn practical skills about a business. My parents are really frugal and they promptly agreed to my high commission. If they do question your commission – stay strong. Keep in mind, you’re aim is to figure out how to make money. It takes a lot of time to sell items, so make it worth your while!

  • Resell textbooks

Most textbooks you only need for one semester or one year. Once you’re done – sell them! I liked to use Amazon or eBay to get the best prices. It’s hard to find buyers on Craigslist. You can also try selling the books next year to your underclassmen but that can get awkward.

Just remember to sell these books fast! Once a new edition comes out – they are as good as firewood!

  • Flip items bought at school and online

I found this to be a fantastic way to make money fast as a kid. During study halls, easy classes, and over lunch, I would buy items people didn’t want. Teenagers are always desperate for cash. I would go ahead and buy their stuff for 1/2 its worth in exchange for giving them quick cash. Then I’d go sell the stuff online. And don’t feel too guilty about buying their stuff for half price. Just tell them you’re going to resell the stuff and your conscious should be cleared. Maybe next time they won’t get themselves in such a mess.

Talk to friends/family and see where you can work

It’s difficult to make money without any money. At least from an early age, you need to have a traditional job where you trade hours for dollars. Ask around and see who you could work for. Chances are, your first job will come from a family member or a family friend. You’ll quickly see how easily it is to make money as a kid once you start networking a bit. When I was first learning how to make money as a kid, I got a job at a vineyard. The work was hard but hey, it was money.

Don’t be tempted by silly consumer goods

Here’s my best advice about how to make money for kids fast and easy: make money WITHOUT spending money! Spending money sucks. It’s like giving up your money superpower. Only use money when it will better your life. Don’t buy stupid stuff (99% of what’s being sold IS stupid). So you want to know how to make money? By this far into the post, you pretty much know how. But don’t start buying stuff now that you have an income! I’ve saved tens of thousands of dollars by not buying all the stupid things I’ve wanted over the years: NERF guns, paintball guns, toy train sets, lego sets, etc. etc. – all stupid crap. And think about compound interest… you could either buy one paintball gun today or in 10 years, you could buy a cool real gun. Don’t spend money as a kid. It won’t do you any good.

I hope you enjoy this How to Make Money (for Kids) guide! Comment below if you have any questions and I WILL answer them!



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  • please tell me this, why give stuff that we cant do if we look up what we want to know to do it that means we want to be ABLE to do it.

    • Hello, Mr. Nuts. I’ve read through your comment 5 or 6 times. I’m still a little confused. What exactly are you asking?

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