We all get overwhelmed now and then, and sometimes it happens in the financial arena as well.

Paperwork piles up, bills need filing (or paying), the bank statement’s waiting to be reconciled, and well, you ‘d just like to see the top of your desk again.

Oh wait, that’s me.

It can be worse, too, if there’s still month left over at the end of the money or if you’re dealing with some sort of financial crisis.

In either situation, the solution is the same. Just take it one step at a time. First, try not to think about how overwhelming it is. That will only get you more overwhelmed.

Don’t put off handling the situation either, as it will still be there in the back of your mind silently stressing you out.

Set aside a few minutes at a set time each day to get a handle on things. Just do as much as you feel comfortable with, but handle at least one task.

Pay a bill, open your credit card statements, shred something, make a list, etc. Getting started is usually the hardest part.

Even if you can just keep “even” with things at first, that’s a good thing. Not adding to your financial to-do list is progress. Then do just a little bit more each day until the entire situation is handled.

Don’t be afraid to ask for professional help either if you need it, especially in unfamiliar situations (such as becoming the executor of an estate, going through a divorce, etc.)

And, mentally review the progress that you do make, no matter how small. Focusing on the positives helps.