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How to Quickly Fix Your Credit in 3 Months

How to Quickly Fix Your Credit in 3 Months

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Is your credit close to hitting rock bottom? A bad score could make your life quite difficult. Good credit is simply a part of a healthy financial life. If you need to take out an important loan, for example, a good credit score is absolutely necessary. In case you do have terrible credit, don’t be too heartbroken over it. The thing about credit is that you can always improve it. Even if your credit was ruined by declaring personal bankruptcy, it can be improved back to an acceptable level.

There’s a prominent misconception that it takes years to fix bad credit. It can, sometimes. However, if you are motivated and diligent enough, you can significantly improve your score in at least 3 months. Here are several workable tips on how to improve your credit score:

Check the Accuracy of Your Credit Report

It’s an open secret that credit reports sometimes contain errors. If you don’t carefully analyze your report, you may miss these errors that could potentially drag your score down. For example, some credit reports list paid loans and still pending. Some people have reported seeing delinquent listings for debt paid in full. More commonly, the credit report may contain an outstanding balance for an amount that has already been paid in full. Learn to spot these mistakes when you receive your credit report. If you do spot an error, highlight it and report to the bank immediately. When the problems are fixed, your credit should naturally inch upwards.

Start Paying Monthly Bills on a Monthly Basis

The best way to improve your credit is to start repaying bills on a monthly basis. When the rating agencies note these payments, then you will be categorized as a responsible consumer and your score will no longer be on a downward spiral. Pay at least something on your monthly bills to experience these benefits. The point is to keep the outstanding balances decreasing. Once you start paying bills when they are due, you will also avoid incurring late fees solely due to negligence. So, keep track of which bills are due each month and pay these in the very first week. It’s recommended to repay your due bills before you start making grocery runs for the month. Don’t wait until the end of the month to pay bills because by then you would probably have spent most of your monthly income.

Track Your Progress

Sign up for a service that offers free credit score monitoring so that you can track how well your score is improving. Most of these services offer monthly score updates, always keeping you in the loop. It’s important to monitor your progress and stay focused on your goal.

Negotiate with Creditors Regarding Delinquencies

See a delinquency listed on your credit report? Don’t ignore it or pretend not to see it. Call the creditors for whom you owe the money. You can then start negotiating how to repay the loan if you can’t do so right away. Most creditors are willing to come to new payment agreements rather than have you default on the loan. When the negotiations have concluded, request the creditor to inform the bank that the payment is either paid in full or is in progress. Get the delinquency notice removed and your score will naturally improve.

If you try the above tips, you will be able to remarkably improve your credit in a matter of weeks.

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