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How to Spot a Good Content Writer

How to Spot a Good Content Writer


These days you can find a number of inspired writers on social networking sites and blogs. Many new writers are inspired by their favorite books, proclaiming themselves writers without any real skill or experience. A true content writer’s job is different and much more difficult than just sharing your thoughts and opinions or telling personal stories.

A content writer is someone who is hired by a business or company to create content matter in various fields that are relevant for the company. Any company or organization has a target audience that they intend to focus on and attract. So a content writer has to understand the mindset of the target audience and create matter that will be liked, understood, and followed by the target audience.

Finding a person who can do all of this is not a herculean task.

Finding the right person for the job is more of smart marketing and advertisement move than it is about screening. Suppose if company XYZ based in ABC deals with toys for children. Specifying in hiring ads that they need content writers for a particular work will make it easy for the company, as well as the writers, as most of them have preferences for particular subjects. Of course, few are gifted with the amazing ability to write on any matter, but that is considered an exception.

Apart from spot on marketing, a content writer should focus on the blogs or the write-ups written and done in the company’s past. The quality of language use in the matter says a lot about the person’s character and the frequency of posts can hint towards the interest of the person.

Any company would want the customer to have a look at their product or service before going through that of their competitors’. So the writer should have basic knowledge of SEO writing, which basically means being able to write in a way that the search engines pop up your content before anything else. One should do this without compromising the quality of the article. Having knowledge of software like Scribe and Traffic Travis will be an added quality.

Content writing is a skill that is cultivated over time. So to master it, one needs to be able to write in any given condition at any point. Writing a big article and mentioning several points is easy but writing it correctly and efficiently is a whole other story, so you should always be sure to thoroughly vet any potential writer hires!

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