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How to Survive Without a Salary

How to Survive Without a Salary

I first heard about the book How to Survive Without a Salary by Charles Long from a post on the Simple Living forums. The title alone sounded appealing — after all, isn’t that what I’d like to do? Live off interest income? But there was more to it than that.

The book is all about the “conserver lifestyle” — a lifestyle that involves stepping out of the consumer world and into a world where you’re focused on using less, enjoying what you do have more, being creative, and being a good steward. It’s about planning your life so that your monetary needs are reduced to the point where you need very little cash to have the things you want. So little cash, in fact, that you can live on the occasional odd job instead of needing to work at a job that pays a salary.

I really enjoyed his common-sense approach and straightforward way of writing. He talks about everything from budgeting and procrastination to the gross national product. Some of what he wrote about made me long for my childhood — I remember days spent at farm auctions fondly. Other parts weren’t quite for me — I don’t know if I’d like squab, for example. But mostly reading the book filled me with a sense of relief.

If you have any interest at all in stepping out of the consumer world, check out How to Survive Without a Salary. (From the library, of course.)

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  • That is a great book. I just read it recently as well and it taught me a few things I had not thought of. Anything that gets us to consume less and live more is good by me!

  • I read this book years ago and find myself checking it out from the library every year or so to re-read it. It’s still as relevant as when Long first wrote it , perhaps more so in these uncertain times.

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