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I never thought we’d see THIS again

I never thought we’d see THIS again

But our luggage arrived tonight! (Exactly two months to the day later.) The luggage itself was trashed (it had a cut in it) but everything inside was just fine. There was even a bottle of contact solution inside that hadn’t spilled.

So this means that I won’t have to pay for my library book, which I had renewed 2 times in hopes of getting it back. And it also means that I now have more than a week’s worth of clothes. I’m sure everyone at work will appreciate that. My husband and son now have more clothes too — some of which was brand new.

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  • I hope your luggage enjoyed it’s vacation, but it was rather rude of it to not at least send postcards.

    Three cheers for the return of books and clothes!

  • Definitely get compensated for this inconvenience. My friend & I recently went to Las Vegas and when she checked her luggage her white slacks were stained with something red and some dvd’s were missing. In our hotel we checked every bottle and a) nothing was open, cracked, or loose; and b) she had the slacks dry-cleaned before the trip. Upon our return she searched her house to make sure she did not forget the dvd’s but they were gone. She contacted the airlines and within a few hours had an electronic voucher for her inconvenience.

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