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I went Christmas shopping this weekend

I went Christmas shopping this weekend

Online, that is. Yes, I know it’s only August, but I like to shop early for both Christmas and birthday presents. (Most birthdays in my family fall in November through January, so they kind of all get lumped together with Christmas buying otherwise.) So I ordered a craft project to start working on for a relative. I figure this will give me time to get the project completed in time.

I like shopping in advance for certain people because it makes it easier to find things that they will really like. Plus it eliminates the stress of “having” to rush around shopping during the busy holiday season. I don’t buy everything in advance though because I do enjoy shopping during that time of year. This is a nice compromise that keeps it stress-free.

Another advantage to shopping for certain people in advance is that it spreads out the financial impact of the holidays. It’s sort of like built-in budgeting. Except that instead of setting aside a little bit each month for future spending, you’re spending a little bit each month for future giving. The trick is to keep a list of what you have already bought, who you bought it for, and where you put it. I leave notes to myself on my December calendar and that takes care of that.

Do you shop in advance for holidays or other occasions? If so, what tricks do you have to help it work for you?

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  • What you say is true. The further you can plan in advance the more sensible your spending will be. I like the quote that American companies knock together 5 year plans whereas Japanese companies think in terms if 150 year plans!

  • I am finally taking a page from my mom’s book and shopping all year around. At the very least, I’m bookmarking things (mentally) that I think would make a good present for my husband.

    I already found one great present at a yard sale (though he’ll never be able to tell, it’s still in original packaging) that will be one of his main gifts. My mom probably has a whopping three or four presents left to buy for Christmas. That’s how annoyingly organized she is.

  • I write down ideas in advance, if I notice or think of any, which I wish would happen a lot more often than it does. Then I watch for sales and if there are any, I try to buy the item then.

    Currently, I have several ideas, but they are all for one person. I have not yet bought any of those things, either.

    I really hate shopping in December, so I do most of my shopping in November.

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