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Investing By the Seat of My Pants

Investing By the Seat of My Pants

I posted recently about my weak spot, asking for book recommendations on investing. (And I got some great recommendations.) I did make a trip to the library this weekend, but the recommended books were checked out. So I’ll be getting them as they become available. Meanwhile, I’ve attempted to do some small investing using the seat of my pants method. We’ll see how it goes, or for that matter, IF it goes.

I bid on several tax liens in the auction for my area. From what I’ve heard, the competition is fierce, making it hard to become the winning bidder on a lien, so I bid on 4 different liens in the hopes of winning one. (Which would be a very small investment.) I would have bid on more, but if by some bizarre chance I won them all, the 4 add up to the most I’d want to invest. I did spend a few days researching tax liens, and I drove out to see the properties that the liens are on just to make sure they weren’t a burned-out shell or something. The auction ends this week, so I’ll find out if I’ve won any of them then.

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  • I lived in Arizona for a short while and also considered investing in tax liens. It didn’t happen and now that I’ve moved back to California, I don’t think that I’d be willing to invest in these properties sight unseen. I would be curious to know how the auction turns out.

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