When people think of investing, it’s rare it’s linked with casinos as it involves risks while the former requires knowledge and calculated strategies to survive the market. But, both can be placed in a single sentence. Online casinos can be, in fact, a great investing opportunity and it isn’t as hard as people think.

Investors need to put away any reservations they may have regarding the morality of gambling, as it can be seen everywhere, even on your smartphones and computers. There is too much growth to ignore from this industry.

“This is one sector that seems to be growing when there is a low-growth environment globally,” said Aurion Capital Management’s Greg Taylor in Finacial Post. “We’re starved for non-resource growth ideas and it really doesn’t have as much economic sensitivity as the resource sector.”

The same resource mentioned a data report that forecasts the value of the global online casino and bingo market, which is expected to grow to about $12.5 billion in two years (2018), with a compound annual growth rate of over 10% since 2014.

Digital experts, Gaming Realms stated last year, the industry would reach profits of approximately $42 billion. Social gaming is one of the main revenue drivers, which was worth approximately $4 billion in 2015.


Based on the company’s own statistics, 65% of the company’s profits from their top 100 games came from the freemium games format, such as Spin Genie and their free spins no deposit feature. Gaming Realms said that their early-year trading has “showed continued positive momentum,” with 7.7 million subscription shares.

When investing in online casinos, take note that we are talking about investors who prefer to buy stocks and shares from said businesses, and not the players who have signed up to various tournaments.

Initially, investors need to find a reliable and competent online casino operator that offers the options you think are best suited to your portfolio. Then, check the capability of the company to have a growing number of followers and players.

“As online gambling becomes a centered business opportunity, the increased numbers of people who want to try out their lucks have forced even non-casino game enthusiasts to join in thus increasing the numbers even further you can read more about free casino games here,” said Gambling Experts.