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Investing shouldn’t feel like betting

Investing shouldn’t feel like betting

Good, researched investing shouldn’t feel like betting. Unfortunately, that’s exactly what it feels like to me right now. You think you are (finally!) doing things right, and then, well, something like this year comes along.

I look for (among other things) companies with looonnnng track records. By long track records, I mean “they’ve been around longer than my 90-year-old grandpa and are still doing well”. I look at the companies that the mutual funds I choose invest in as well, with an eye to the same sort of thing.

I know, I know. What’s the saying? Past performance does not guarantee future returns?

But you’d think that past performance might be some sort of guide toward possible future returns. Afterall, if your boss yells at you every day at work, you can pretty much assume that he’s going to yell at you again the next day. Maybe not, but it’s likely.

But it seems now that all bets are off. Or rather, all bets are on.

I like betting a little, but not THIS much.

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  • I thinking investing is a big bet. That’s why important to try to understand the risks involved and know what your goals are etc etc.

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