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It Can’t Be That Hard

It Can’t Be That Hard

That phrase has saved me more money over the years than just about anything else (and it’s gotten me doing a lot of interesting things). My husband laughs now sometimes when I eye something and mutter that “it can’t be that hard.” The truth is, a lot of things are hard work, but they’re not too difficult for an ordinary person to handle. What do I mean?

I’m mainly talking about home improvement. Over the past couple of years, we’ve done everything from installing faucets to replacing flooring, and much more. We’ve literally saved thousands and thousands of dollars by doing home improvement work ourselves, and I usually have fun doing it. (I will say though that I hope to never grout a river-rock floor again.) Most of the projects weren’t difficult; they just required some research, patience, and a lot of elbow grease — along with the occasional squishing into tight spaces.

I enjoy working with my hands. When I was growing up, my mom, dad, and two of my grandparents were constantly doing something to one house or another, and I was always right there wanting to help. But what I learned from them wasn’t so much how to do things; instead, I learned that ordinary people CAN do things without having specialized knowledge to begin with. I learned that it is possible to GET the knowledge you need, and that there are always people out there willing to help. (This is even more true now with the availability of the internet.) I think it’s being open to the possibilities that really saves money.

For example, our toilet started running yesterday and won’t stop. I don’t know why, and don’t have time to figure it out yet, so for now we just turned off the water to it temporarily. There was a time when I would have either called a plumber and/or wasted a lot of water because I didn’t know how to turn off a toilet, but now I know that it’s just a matter of getting the time to figure out how to fix it. Because it can’t be that hard…

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