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It’s almost back to school…already

It’s almost back to school…already

The back to school sales are starting already. I’m happy about this, because normally the sales are too late in the year to actually be used for back-to-school, at least in this area.

I’ve already taken advantage of a couple of offers, one of which required a rebate that I was able to submit over the web. The sales are also a good place to pick up items for donations.

School starts again in less than a month here, which means that the summer is going really fast. Now if only the heat would get over with quickly as well…

Here’s a little reading for these remaining summer days:

The local paper where Tough Money Love lives comes up with some desperate measures for desperate times.

The Oblivious Investor presents an introductory guide to asset location.

Tight Fisted Miser talks about the deceptions in average annual stock returns.

Do You Dave Ramsey makes a note to himself. (Find out what a gallon of milk, the economy, and emergency funds have in common.)

The Dough Roller came up with a very detailed guide to credit cards for college students.

Million Dollar Journey discusses her financial regrets. (They’re not what you might think at first.)

Finally, this just made me laugh: The Financial Crisis Personified.

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