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It’s summertime…

It’s summertime…

So, if I have it right, the first day of summer was the 21st or so. It’s always hard to tell here in Arizona though, because to me summer starts when it starts getting hot. (End of April/beginning of May — we usually hit a hundred by early May.) But since most people don’t live in a blazing hot inferno, happy summer!

(It’s actually been unseasonably nice this year, so I shouldn’t complain. AND I’m thoroughly enjoying my repaired AC!)

I’ve decided to celebrate the official start of summer this year by…refocusing on my savings & investing goals. I figure if I do that, I will naturally reduce my spending by default, so it’ll be a win-win.

What are your plans for summer?

Here are a few articles I found interesting this week:

For Plonkee Money, not all money is the same. (I do the same kind of thing, although no oboes have been involved.)

Debt Ninja says that sometimes the best investments return no money.

Sound Money Matters gives us 10 affordable ways to update your home. Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately, since it most just requires elbow grease) “clean the walls” is the update I most need to do.

Four Pillars has a post that makes me shudder: Why Good Debt is a Truth. Yes, I’m in the all-debt-is-bad-debt-to-me camp. But it’s a good article with some interesting points!

Finally, Budget Pulse revamps their site, so if you’re an existing user you may notice some changes. (Someday I need to give their free budgeting software a whirl.)

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