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I’ve Got to Wonder…

I’ve Got to Wonder…

I called Friday to remove the (hugely expensive) wide-angle camera lens we rented (for our trip) from our homeowner’s insurance, since we had returned the lens safely. (We sure didn’t put that in our luggage!) The fellow removed it for me, and then began what I assume are some required efforts to get us interested in the company’s other products. He asked if I would be interested in a high-yield savings account, and explained that he used it himself and that it was very beneficial.

I perked up, and asked him what the interest rate was on it. He didn’t know. He went on to explain that his wife handled that, and that he just knew it was a good thing. I guess I’m just too nosy when it comes to money to let someone else handle things without me even knowing the facts. Anyway, he offered to connect me to someone in sales who could explain the details to me, but I declined. I figured I could just look it up online. I was halfway tempted to ask him if he wanted a referral for an ING account ;). Turns out the rate for their money market account is currently 4.79%, so I’ll stick with my temporarily-6% FNBO Direct account instead.

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  • Haha – that’s too funny. “Trust me, it’s good!” This sounds like something out of a movie or something. I wonder how often this is working for him???

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