Here’s my master list of jobs for 16 year olds. Enjoy making bank even before you graduate…

Jobs for 16 year olds

You’re 16. There are tons of great things about trying to make money at this age:

  1. Your expenses are covered by someone else (thanks, mom & dad)
  2. You have the time (school doesn’t take that much time – quit any stupid extracurricular’s that aren’t fun and/or helping your resume)
  3. You have health & energy to do a good job
  4. You’re young – this means you can easily get mentors who want to teach you their skills

Online Jobs for a 16 year old

  • Blog

Jobs for 16 year olds are largely the same as for an adult. I make good money as an adult blogging and so can you. You can make money with ads, affiliate advertising, etc. Tons of ways to make good money blogging.

  • Vlog

I’ve seen people built audiences ridiculously easily by using YouTube. Just make sure you’re either A) Informative or B) Personable

  • Social Media Management

Find local businesses who want a savvy teen to either teach them about social media or manage their accounts for them. Jobs for 16 year olds don’t have to be outside of your comfort zone. A lot of old people would pay good money to teach them how to you the tweeterverse!

  • Web Design

At least try coding. It’s a very lucrative business. I work online and people are always asking me to build them websites. I wish I liked to code!

  • Freelance Writing

Age does not matter on the internet. As I’ve said, jobs for 16 year olds are generally the same as jobs for adults – except those that need a great education like doctors, lawyers, etc. Heck, if you’re a 16 year old who wants to become a professional writer, contact me. I may be able to line some work up for you. You have a few things going for you that us older people don’t:

A) You have English teachers who can help with your articles.

B) You’re freshly trained. I haven’t been in a class for 4 years. Maybe you’re a better writer than I am!

  • Build your own website portfolio

I have 2 websites right now and I manage like 80 others. Building a portfolio is smart. Think about it. If you can make one site successful, you can make TONS of sites successful.

  • Selling digital/physical goods online

This is probably the best way for getting rich quick. Sell products people adore.

Offline jobs for a 16 year old – use your drivers license to your advantage

  • Boring mall jobs

Don’t go for the typical jobs for 16 year olds! These include nail salons, tanning parlors, fast food joints, reception jobs anywhere, that sort of thing. Unless you want to become a nail salon owner one day, avoid these jobs. They offer low pay and few opportunities for future growth. No one will want to hire you for job #2 because they saw you worked at Thai Nail Salon and Eyebrow Waxing Emporium.

  • Start your own offline business

Warren Buffet started making money selling packs of gum door to door. Take whatever you like and find a way to make it into a business. Just make sure there are enough customers who will appreciate your service. You can undercut prices of older people since you don’t have much for expenses. You can afford to do this. Plus, a lot of people like hiring 16 year olds just because they want to help you out. Even offline, you can find jobs for 16 year olds by creating your own job. Creating your own business is the best way to get rich – no one will deny that.

  • Work at a business you admire

If you want to work for someone else, make sure it’s someone you admire. I thought I wanted to start a vineyard or a restaurant so I worked for a vineyard and a restaurant when I was 16. I also admired the eccentric entrepreneur who ran both. It’s a lot easier to work hard if you’re working for someone you admire. Jobs for 16 year olds should be fun! Working for someone you admire… a fashion designer… a vlogger… a car dealer… these are what you’re after.

How to get a job as a 16 year old

First off, figure out how much time you have to commit to work. I recommend ditching as many other commitments as possible so you have more time to work. I’m 25 years old right now. I know what it takes to succeed in careers. What I’m saying is no ones cares how many organizations you were in. My advice… unless you’re able to attain a leadership position in a notable organization – ditch it! Stop sitting through boring meetings just because you feel it’s what everyone else is doing. News flash – everyone else is broke! You want to free up your time to make some life-changing money! Now, there are 24-hours in a day. 8 of which are committed to going to class. 8 of which should be committed to sleeping. There are a few more hours necessary for unwinding/eating/commuting/that sort of thing. Add up the weekend hours you’ll be available. Jobs for 16 year olds are ones that work with your limited schedule. You can still make good money while in school.

How much money you can make in these jobs?

To get motivated, I’m going to say you can easily get a $10 per hour job. If you have an extra 20 hours per week (2.85 hours/day) you will make $200 a week. And pretty soon you’ll be getting paid far more than just $10/hour – especially if you do online work or become self-employed offline.

I made $60,000 by the time I graduated high school. Now, I started working at age 14. But if I had waited until 16, that’s only $20,000 per year. The typical burger flipper, nail salon receptionist, paper organizer at daddy’s business (typical jobs for 16 year olds) can make more than that. And you’re NOT the average burger flipper if you’ve read this far into this post. You’ll be able to make $60k by graduation – no problem. I know it sounds like a lot but that’s just because people have a negative perception of earning money at a young age. They feel it’s impossible and don’t even try. You’re trying. You’ll get it. You deserve to get it. I deserved it and that’s why I got it.

The Money Mindset

Jobs for 16 year olds… when you searched that term you may have felt some trepidation. But fear not. Getting wealthy can happen even from an early age. If you think you can – and you take action – you will get anything you want. You probably found this post because you searched jobs for 16 year olds. But the money you make now can change your life. Just so long as you don’t spend it all. I actually think spending money deprives you of its power. Having money is powerful. Then, if you ever really need it, BAM you have it! How’s that for power?! If you have any questions, comment below. I will answer each one of them.

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