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July 2009 update + a few links

July 2009 update + a few links

Boy, July really flew by. Unfortunately, I’ve been pretty stressed all month and as a result made several silly financial mistakes. At least they were nothing terrible.

Also, my net worth decreased dramatically this month, because I bit the bullet and recorded yet another large drop in the value of our home. I hope that’s the last one, and that things head up from here on out.

Here are the numbers for July:

Assets: Down $18435.19
Liabilities: Up $263.36
Change in net worth over previous month: Down $18,698.55

And with that, it’s on to a few links that I found interesting this week:

Studenomics offers suggestions on what to bring to college and college survival skills.

Debt Free Adventure hosts a post by Redeeming Riches on investment risk and how to determine risk tolerance.

Oh My Aching Debts lists 10 things they’d like to teach their children about money.

20 Something Finance tells us everything we need to know about limiting our expenses.

Finally, Business Week’s Working Parents blog wonders if “What’s In It For Me” is all that matters when it comes to health care reform.

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