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Letting goals percolate

Letting goals percolate

I’m a believer in letting goals percolate, so I’ve been thinking about them off and on over the past couple of months. This method seems to result in more achievable goals for me, along with goals that will have a bigger impact on my life. So here are my 2009 goals, in no particular order:

  • Fully fund my Roth IRA
  • Look into requirements for opening a SEP IRA
  • Continue contributions to 401(k)
  • Purchase 1-4 tax liens
  • Double savings in 2009 (at least)
  • Purchase stock each month
  • Purchase treasury bonds if rates are right
  • Pay a minimum of $35 extra per month toward mortgage, and send additional as well
  • Continue tracking & evaluating expenditures each month
  • Continue saving each month for vacations and irregular expenses
  • Maintain minimum regular expenses at $1650 or less
  • Increase income by at least 150%
  • Increase donations to charity by at least 1%
  • Launch new business
  • Prioritize future projects and then FOCUS
  • Fill out the 4-Hour Work Week Dreamline worksheet
  • Build up to exercising 3-4 times per week for an hour at a time
  • Practice moderation
  • Try something different every month this year
  • Get a massage at least once a month
  • Enjoy fresh flowers in the house at least once a month
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