‘Between what is said and not meant. And what is meant and not said. Most love is love.’
Have you ever wanted to go and tell someone that you really like her/him, but not done so because you were too afraid of rejection and the humiliation afterwards? Have you ever wanted to let your parents know that engineering is not what you wanted to do in life, but poetry and writing? Have you ever wished you told your mother how much she meant to you?

Sometimes we simply keep quiet to avoid awkward complicated conversations. But silence is regarded as approval. You may think staying silent would keep you away from conflicts. But silence is a way of agreeing to the argument even if you disapprove of it otherwise. The worst case scenario if you say what you want to say may be someone not agreeing to you, but at least you are honest about your opinions and the other person is aware that you have an issue.

You can’t always wait for people to read your mind and try to guess your feelings. If you don’t gather the courage and confidence to speak, you may miss important opportunities, and may end up on the wrong path.
At the same time, being outspoken doesn’t mean your words tear down someone’s heart. You need to be understanding and empathetic. Connect with the person you are talking to. If you are telling someone their mistakes, make sure you also mention their positive traits.
As much as clarity and confidence is required, you should also remain calm. Mind you, calm, not quiet. Instead of getting aggressive when someone is yelling you, you should stay composed and explain yourself calmly.  There’s a real power in being the calmest voice.

Sometimes you feel you should wait for the right time before you say something to someone. There is never a right time. You never know what happens next. You never think that the last time is the last time. You think there will be more. You think you have forever, but you don’t. That is just an excuse you keep giving yourself because you fear your feelings won’t be accepted properly. Fear breaks relationships, wastes opportunities. Substitute that fear with courage. That is when you grow.

Say what you want to say, not what people want to hear. Speak your mind out.