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Link hopping: Boston fern edition

Link hopping: Boston fern edition

I finally went and bought a Boston fern for our computer room yesterday. I’d been wanting one for months, but kept putting it off. First there were other priorities for our money, and then we went on a couple of vacations. (I didn’t want one more thing for someone to have to take care of while we were gone.) I also bought some basil seeds. I love to make bruschetta, but hate paying the $2+ for a few leaves at the grocery store. It seems like such a waste, especially since half the pack usually goes bad before I can use it all. So I will give growing some in a container a try.

Other than that I’ve been ridiculously busy this week. I didn’t have much time for browsing other blogs, but did enjoy these articles:

Squawkfox is a fount of cool stuff. This week she offers a calculator to that will help to determine whether it’s worth it to buy a more gas efficient car.

Quest for Four Pillars says that people take the idea of buying what you know too literally when it comes to investing.

No Debt Plan hosted the Carnival of Personal Finance this past week, which is filled with tons of good reading.

Tread Softly at the 20 Year Challenge finds out that requirements for renting a car without a credit card are pretty ridiculous.

Canadian Capitalist talks about getting your wills done through a lawyer. I had written my own will years ago, but more recently my husband and I used a lawyer to do ours. It turns out that the will I’d written years ago was actually just fine, but it was a relief to no longer have that nagging feeling of “did I miss something?” in the back of my mind. (If you don’t have a will, don’t put off getting one any longer.)

Clever Dude offers suggestions on how to manage work, life and school for graduate students. I thought his two-word summary was especially apt: “Scheduling” and “Escape”.

The Lean Green Family reuses water from their dehumidifier. This sounds like a nice way to save water and keep plants happy even during watering restrictions if you live in a humid area.

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  • Thanks for the link! I’m certain you’ll be very happy with your Boston fern and basil plants (are you going to water them from your dehumidifier?).

  • Thanks for linking to my blog The Lean Green Family (formerly Suddenly Frugal) on “random reusables”–specifically water from the dehumidifier. I hope you’ll come back soon.

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