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Little luxuries

Little luxuries

A couple of my goals this year relate to things that most people would think of as luxuries: I’ve decided to get fresh flowers each month, and to get a massage each month. Those were two things that I really enjoy that I just wasn’t doing enough previously.

For example, I used to get a massage maybe twice a year, despite how fabulous they made me feel. Why shouldn’t I feel fabulous more often? On a regular basis, even?

Sometimes I think it makes sense to build little luxuries into the budget. The trick is to keep them luxuries, so that you still enjoy them, instead of doing them so often that they become ordinary.

I prefer to keep the free stuff as “ordinary luxuries” – like reading. So, here are a few links from the past week:

Woohoo! Tricia at blogging away debt is credit card debt free!.

Plonkee thinks that personal finance education is like sex ed. Do you agree?

Like Merchant Ships uses what she has to make art. Well, to have her little girl make art.

Mrs. Micah talks about passionate and persistent freelancing. I think she’s exactly right about those qualities being necessary.

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