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March 2009 update + some links

March 2009 update + some links

Yay, finally a good month for the net worth update! It’s a relief to see my net worth improve for a change. At any rate I’ll keep this short and sweet and jump right to the numbers:

Assets: Up $1361.01
Liabilities: Down $1307.17
Change in net worth over previous month: Up $2668.18

And now on to quite a few links:

Clever Dude has a night out with fellow PF bloggers. I’m jealous that these things always seem to happen on the coasts. Are there any PF bloggers in the metro Phoenix area that want to get together?

MoneyNing gives suggestions on how to help keep your finances healthy during a job transition.

Four Pillars comments on negotiations and ethics.

Smart Passive Income has been doing a fabulous series about how to publish an ebook.

Money Grubbing Lawyer has an interesting point that sometimes big words are greater than small words.

Remodeling This Life muses about the creative process. (And if you feel like doing something crafty, she also has an older post about how to make photo tiles.)

And just in time for my new-found clue about my wardrobe, someone posted a forum link to What I Wore, where you can see the daily outfits of a girl in New York.

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