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Mmmm ribs

Mmmm ribs

We’re going to be making ribs tomorrow. To make this vaguely money-related, we’ll be buying the ribs from Costco, where they’ll probably “only” cost us about $40. Hopefully we have most of the remaining ingredients already on hand. If not, we’ll be hitting up the normal grocery store as well. The recipe I use takes about 4 1/2 hours of cooking time, and it is so worth it. We only make them about once or twice a year, usually when it’s cold outside because having the oven going for so long really heats up the house. Do you have any meals that you like to make for special occasions? (In our case, the ribs ARE the occasion.) I’d love links to recipes if you have them. Meanwhile, time for some links:

My Two Dollars points out that it’s not a bargain if you don’t need it.

The IRS goes over some situations related to the economic downturn and their potential tax implications.

Clever Dude provides a guide to setting goals, along with his own resolution.

Canadian Capitalist suggests four reports to help track your finances.

MoneyNing presents 5 surefire ways to stop thinking your paycheck is never enough.

Four Pillars reviews the book Die Broke.

SquawkFox offers a free printable workout log. (You may as well get fit while you’re working on your finances.)

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  • Brisket, baby! I like Pioneer Woman Beef Brisket.
    It’s my Marine son’s favorite and it takes about two days to marinate and seven hours to cook.

  • Oh man, it’s 9:15 a.m. and you’ve got me craving ribs!

    Ribs NEVER need a special occasion- EVER. We tend to buy massive amounts whenever we can find them on sale, and cook them whenever we need a little bit of pork goodness in our lives. We use a slow cooker recipe for our ribs- it may be sacrelige, but they’re oh so good.

    I’ve got a good rotation of “special occasion” meals, depending on the occasion and whether we’ve got guests. I’ve got an awesoem chicken curry that it always a hit, and prime rib never fails. A good “from scratch” risotto is always nice as well, especially when it’s cold out.

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