For most of 2008, it seemed like everywhere you turned people were asking things like “Are we in a recession?” or “Are we heading into a recession?”. Phrases like that were all over the place, with various experts debating their points of views.

The talk got more and more frantic, and the debates got more and more heated.

Then it was official: we had been in a recession since whatever-the-date-was.

Now the talk is all about how long the recession will last. Is this the bottom? Is it going to be V-shaped or U-shaped or W-shaped? Who is right, the bulls or the bears? What does the recession mean? How bad a recession is it? Is it a going to be a depression? Blah blah blah.

But what you never hear is “Are we in a procession?”

There’s not even any such thing.

The closest you get are arguments about whether certain things are bubbles, which is of course also not good.

Why is there never any talk about things proceeding normally and reasonably? Is it because things never really proceed that way, or because normal = boring = not exciting = not newsworthy?

I think that all the money talk really filters into our awareness, whether we’re aware of the effects or not. It’s good to take the time to become aware of how talk like that affects our actions.