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Movie ticket frustration and links to fun reading

Movie ticket frustration and links to fun reading

We decided to go see Wolverine Friday night at Harkins, so thought we’d better get the tickets ahead of time. My husband was initially going to order them online, but noticed that there was a $1 per ticket service charge for doing so and that you can’t get student tickets online. My son, being 16, is of course a student.

So I offered to just stop and get them on the way home from work. (The movie theatre is right by our house, so getting the tickets in person would take a whopping 5 or 10 minutes.) Turns out that you can’t get student tickets in person either, if you don’t have a student ID with you. (Even if you are clearly a parent buying 2 adult tickets as well, who is planning to come back for the show later with the student.)

So, that was kind of annoying.

But I told the man I’d just get a refund when I came back, and that was that. I think companies should make easier for people to buy their products, not harder and less convenient. Wouldn’t it have been simpler to just verify that my son was a student when we entered the theater? You’d think so, but that wasn’t how it worked.

Ok, so now on to some links…

I’m a little late on this one (accidentally! I swear!) but the Inspired Room is calling for project procrastinators to UNITE!. (Via Remodeling This Life.) Since I happen to have some half-finished shelves that I’ve been not working on for more than a year now, I’ll be using that as inspiration. The shelf project came about because to just buy a cabinet for the space was going to be nearly $700. I can do the whole project for about $150, including having bought the power tools that we’ve already used for numerous other projects.

Sententia offers 8 steps to creating a master resume.

Mrs. Micah reminds us not to sell our happiness.

Four Pillars reviews a book called Europe on 84¢ a Day. Sounds interesting to me, except for the hitchhiking part.

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  • I’m surprised that you had so much trouble getting student tickets. I guess they’re being abused by people. But honestly who cares who buys the ticket its when the person goes into the theater that matters.

    Most of my experiences have been that the people who take the tickets don’t care the slightest so it seems they’re trying to make some money back by being difficult with buying student tickets.

  • Still need to see the movie myself. My friend did a video review of the movie and agreed with you that he liked it.

    It can be a pain to buy for others, but at the same time I can’t fault the movie theater. Even though you are an adult and most likely not trying to screw them over, that is their policy and you can’t fault them for that.

  • A bit late on the comment train here, but I just wanted to say thanks for the link! I’m glad you found the Master Resume post helpful (or at least interesting :-))

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