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Moving Forward With One Goal

Moving Forward With One Goal

One of my financial goals for this year was to consider selling my investment property duplex. After running some numbers and giving it some thought, I decided to go ahead and sell it. It would probably be wiser to keep it for another year or two since I suspect it will be worth more then, but I just felt like this was a good time to list it. The Realtor got the listing up this weekend, and it’s already had a few calls and at least one show. Wish me good luck!

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  • Are you located in Tx? What amde you decide to sell? Just want to keep your money moving? I have a good friend here in Phx whose first prop was a fourplex in San Diego. His wife wanted him to hold on to it. He knew he wanted to keep growing. Now he owns upwards of 800+ units in AZ and TX. Keep it moving!

  • I thought I saw you mention Mesa in another post! Getting out of real estate right now?! It’s such a good time to get in! To each her own! I would love to introduce you to the Phx crew I hang with- all REi and biz people- super cool to be surrounded by like minded people!

  • Well, I’m at least getting out of out-of-state real estate. Although I’d better make up my mind what I want to do otherwise pretty quick, in case I want to do another 1031 exchange.

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