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My blind spot

My blind spot

My Financial Awareness posted awhile back about money & beliefs, suggesting an exercise that readers could do to examine their beliefs about money when wondering why they aren’t rich. Some of the questions asked there were:

• What do I believe about money?
• Rich people are _____?
• I am _____?
• I do not want money because ______?

Here are my answers:

I believe that money is a method of keeping track; a way to equalize the exchange of goods or services without having to sit and come to agreement on the relative values every single time you want to make an exchange. Instead, people set a price and (frequently) either are paid it or not. So in a sense money makes things easier, at least compared to bartering. And then there’s “money is the root of all evil”, which isn’t the entire phrase. I don’t believe that money is the root of all evil, but part of me does believe that the desire for too much money is somehow ‘bad’. Which leads me to “rich people are ____”.

Some of the rich people I have known have been exceptionally nice, generous, and friendly. Some of the rich people I have known have been people I don’t like very much. They were slimy, stingy, self-righteous, and looked down on others. One turned a sprinkler on me. (While that wasn’t the worst thing in the world, I’d have preferred a simple “Hey, would you mind moving?”.) So I’m conflicted again. Generalizing is always bad ;)

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I am a hard worker, nice, probably neither overly generous nor stingy, trustworthy, loyal, a little out of the ordinary, and (lately) restless.

I’m going to modify the last question My Financial Awareness asked, because I do want money. Instead, I’ll answer “I’m afraid of getting too much money because ____?” Written out, my first thought looks ridiculous, but here it is: I’m afraid of getting too much money because I’m afraid I’ll turn into a slimy person. (Which, of course I won’t. I don’t believe that money changes people’s basic nature.) I’m also afraid, though, that OTHER people will think I’m slimy and smug. Hm, I think I’ve just uncovered my money blind spot.

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