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My Lazy-Day Black Friday Experience

My Lazy-Day Black Friday Experience

I’ve never gone shopping in the wee hours of the morning before but gave it a try this year because I finally found something I was willing to get up early for the potential for a great prize. (Plus, I was already up so it wasn’t like I lost out on any sleep.)

Cost Plus World Market did a Willy Wonka-ish chocolate giveaway, with several $10,000 grand prizes. We got there a little after six and poked around a few other stores while we waited. There was a small line outside Cost Plus, but no crowds in the plaza. We saw people in pajamas, one lady with a book, and lots of people clutching coffee. A guy wearing an elf hat slowly peered out the doors at 7 am, saying “Don’t trample me”. We all laughed and got our chocolate in an orderly manner. (Unfortunately, we didn’t win, but my husband & I did at least each get a large bar of mint chocolate.)

We saw that Ultimate Electronics had people outside loading up on big-screen TVs (at $800-something each) but I didn’t see anything there I wanted except for a $25 gift card, which was free with any purchase. So I bought a package of batteries, which my son can use anyway. Leave it to me to buy batteries while others are buying big screens.

Then we poked our heads inside Best Buy, figuring that maybe the lines would have died down since they’d been open for 3 hours by this time. No such luck though. It was interesting seeing the police and an ambulance on standby. Everyone we saw was friendly and joking around though, except for the manic Santa yelling out specials as he moved through the store.

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Our final stop was the mall, which didn’t seem too crowded. I finally got the replacement pair of sunglasses I’d been meaning to buy for 2 weeks, a small gift (also planned, but half off), and a very, very early lunch.

Black Friday dollars spent: $21.90 including tax.
Freebies received: two, a $25 gift card, and a chocolate bar.
Fun had: lots.

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  • I was looking for someone who also wrote about their Black Friday shopping experience and found your blog.
    It is funny but this year was the first one I got up early enough to watch the crowds. I should say things can get really crazy!

  • My Black Friday–well I did NOT go out into the mayhem…I did do the Kohl’s online black Friday deal…I happened to be awake–it was 1 a.m. – 4 a.m. on Black Friday online and that was EST…since Im in the West Coast–I shopped at 10 p.m.

    I got 2 pairs of fleece pants – $7 each
    2 hoodie sweatshirts $9 each
    4 fuzzy socks $6 for all 4
    boots – $16

    Oh, and free shipping…

    I am happy with that.

    My kids went out in it–and according to them they did well–they only had $15 each…so they couldn’t have done too much damage–

    My oldest daughter was at Target for the DVD deals (advertised at $3.98) and she bought one dvd–and some woman looked at her and said “Amateur!”

  • I got up at 7:30am and played WoW until about 11pm.
    Didn’t spend any money. Had a Christmas gift that I had ordered a few days before delivered though. And you thought your Black Friday was lazy.

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