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My Non No-Spend Day

My Non No-Spend Day

I had to laugh yesterday because I decided on a whim to make it a no-spend day. I’d heard of those before, and it sounded like a fun little challenge that would at the very least make me more aware of the things I tend to buy during a normal day. So I gave it a shot.

I thought I was doing pretty good too: I made sure not to buy any snacks during the day and searched for a no-cost birthday card to personalize instead of stopping at the store to buy one. I didn’t need gas, we had food in the house for lunch & dinner, etc. I even went so far as to take our previously-purchased stamps to the post office to use after I found out how much it was now to mail something overseas via airmail. At that point I was faced with a mini-dilemma: use THREE 39 cent stamps, or BUY one 84 cent stamp. Yeah, I bought the stamp. I didn’t see the point in spending 33 cents extra just to say I did the no-spend day.

So I drove home, still feeling pretty pleased with myself. That’s when I realized that I’d stopped and paid for my business cards, without even thinking about it. Boy, sometimes it’s hard to spend consciously.

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  • hehe, I was waiting for someone to ask that :)

    I figured I wouldn’t use up the two 39-cent stamps since it would just make the next trip to the post office that much sooner.

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