Sadly, I won’t be participating in the tax lien auction that’s coming up this month.

I did all the research for it: found a property that I’d really like to obtain a lien on, and found a whole slew of tiny liens that I’d like to bid on in hopes of getting them at high interest rates. I probably spent 8 hours doing the first stage of research. (The second stage, which I won’t be doing, would consist of actually driving out to view the properties in person.)

Despite having this promising list in my hot little hands, I’ve decided that I just don’t have the money to participate AND achieve my other goals. And since buying tax liens is not an emergency, I can’t use my emergency fund for that.

So I was forced to make choices. And it comes down to pushing harder on one aspect of my business, sending money to my Roth, and some other things beating out participating in the tax lien auction.

I will still buy another tax lien this year if it is available, but that will have to be in June.

This focusing thing is HARD. But I suspect the results will be better than doing things willy-nilly all of the time. At least I hope so.