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On to iPhone Number Three

On to iPhone Number Three

First, I let me say that I love my iPhone. I’m not a technology person at all, but I use the heck out of my iPhone and enjoy every minute of it. Except apparently I haven’t quite mastered the art of hanging on to it while there’s a hard surface beneath me.

That’s right, I dropped iPhone number two a little while ago, and the next day the sound to one of the headphones stopped working. I headed to the Apple store in hopes that they could fix it, but no go. The suggested I could try to fix it myself if I wanted, but I had visions of me shocking myself or something and gave that a pass.

So…I got the 3G S as a replacement. I’m cringing at the thought of the bill that’ll be coming along with that each month. It’s “only” supposed to be $10 more a month, but I have my doubts as to that. On the bright side, my dropped phone was covered by AMEX, so at least the replacement itself was free. Let’s hope this one makes it significantly longer.

Ok, enough of my phone news. Here’s what’s been going on elsewhere in the pf blogging world:

The Personal Financier explores a little bit of the psychology of investing with buy on the rumor, sell on the news.

CESI puts out a massive collection of debt management calculators to help guide people looking to reduce debt.

And on the other side of the coin, Squawkfox puts together a savings calculator to help you figure out when you’ll be a millionaire.

The Frugal Duchess’ daughter feels cheated by a ferret — and learns something in the process.

The Wisdom Journal points out the REAL top money drains. (And I totally agree with this: “We have to mind the dollars AND the pennies!”)

Finally, Sound Money Matters wonders how much home we really need.

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  • You are extremely lucky with your iPhone.

    I’ve dropped mine a few times and nothing has gone wrong with it. Do you have yours in a case? Or did you drop it from a fairly high distance?

  • No, no case. I’ve looked at them and I just can’t find one that I can still work the controls on the side with easily. (I have a hard enough time working them without a case.) Maybe I should get it wrapped, although I don’t know if that protects from dropping. I dropped mine onto the pavement.

  • Yackie, I don’t know if all of them do, but the one I have doubles the manufacturer’s warranty up to one year, and it did cover it.

  • I have a case on mine because without it my iphone is a slippery little thing. I think the case has saved it many times as it drops out of my purse, etc. I don’t find it hard to use the side buttons with the case although you do have to be a bit more conscious about pushing them with your fingertips. Good luck!

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