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Online Jobs for Teens (14 Jobs You Can Begin Today)

Online Jobs for Teens (14 Jobs You Can Begin Today)

Online Jobs for Teens (14 You Can Begin Today)

Online jobs for teens… now is the perfect time to get one… or two… or three! The beautiful thing about the internet is our age doesn’t really matter. You didn’t click on this article thinking, “Boy, if that author is a teenager, I don’t want to listen to anything they have to say!” This is why online jobs for teens are so plentiful. Your access to online jobs is pretty much the same whether you’re a teenager or a 40-year-old.

But being a teenager does pose a bit of an issue though. It’s something you can’t avoid. It’s a basic lack of experience. You can’t help it. You’ve only had so many years on this planet. However, this is just a minor concern. It can even be seen as a positive. MANY business people love giving teenagers a leg up when possible. If you do quality work, you’ll do great. Alright, I’m done with my intro. It’s time now to give my list of online jobs for teens:

Online Jobs for Teens

1. Blogging

I really believe everyone should start a blog. Everyone has a story to tell. But make sure to buy a domain name and install WordPress. This is how real money blogging is made. You want to be independent of any other platform.

I own two blogs 100% and a few others I own equity in. If executed properly, blogging can really be a great way to make money. Focus on providing an engaging user experience. Use a unique voice. Use some of the many ways out there to monetize your site.

2. Blog Management

If you don’t want to start your own blog, find someone else’s to manage. This includes doing things like scheduling, editing, and writing posts. You may need to find guest writers. You may also be in charge of things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), graphic design, Twitter chats, replying to comments, commenting on other blogs, etc.

3. Vlogging

Yes, this list of online jobs for teens includes vlogging! Hello, Zoella, Marcus Butler, Pointless Blog, etc. etc. etc.! YouTube is a great place to start a vlogging career. It’s almost scary how quickly a clever teen can build an audience on that site. Just get a vlogging camera, editing software, and a computer good enough to edit lots of 1080p footage. Just note that vlogging is very personality oriented. If you can’t keep up a cheery image, people won’t want to watch. And don’t ever expect to sell your channel for tons of money. Things so closely tied to someone’s personality don’t have good resale. You gotta love it when online jobs for teens don’t even feel like real jobs. Amazing.

4. Video Production and Editing

This can be a goldmine. You’re probably better at this already than most adults. Find adults who are in the video production industry and tell them you want to produce/and or edit their content. Make a low bid to get your foot in the door. Once you prove to them how valuable you are, they’ll pay you more. I’d rather hire a teen with editing experience than a college grad without.

5. Social Media Management

Wish to get paid for hanging out on Twitter and Facebook? Manage someone’s account(s). You can make anywhere from $500-$1,000 for managing a decent sized blog. And by decent, I mean the site owner probably blogs for a living.

6. SEO Writing

This kind of writing is for search engines. It stands for Search Engine Optimization. It’s kind of falling out of vogue as search engines get smarter. But there are still lots of companies willing to pay inexperienced writers to produce simple articles for them. If you passed 8th grade, chances are you can write these articles with ease. Online jobs for teens don’t have to be difficult.

7. Freelance Writing

I do a ton of personal finance freelance writing. Find a niche and do whatever you can to get involved. Do guest posts at first to build your portfolio. Don’t be shy to ask bloggers if you can guest post. Most will say yes. It’s free content for them, after all. You can use assignments from school as well to build your portfolio. It all helps build your credibility. It’s also great to freelance write as a teenager because your teachers can help you with the writing. It’s funny because you can get online jobs as a teenager that pay you for what you have to do in school for free. You already know how to write. May as well get paid for it. Online jobs for teens can be had by simply using your existing skill-sets. And yes, you have skills.

8. Copywriting

Can you write and sell? This may be the job for you. Copywriting is about writing copy that sells. Instead of a talking salesperson, you’re a writing salesperson. This is probably the most difficult of the online jobs for teens but if you get your foot in the door, you can probably make it into a full-time job after high school.

9. Copy Editing

If you have an eye for detail, give copy editing a try. Offer to proofread papers for fellow students. Do it all electronically through Google Docs. Make sure you’re not breaking school policy by doing this.

10. Virtual Tutoring

I had plenty of teenage friends who did this. is the best resource for getting your foot in the door. Also offer to tutor underclassman. Just do it all over Skype. I find doing this online is helpful because it means you don’t have to spend time commuting and people are also more open online. Your student can be more candid with you.

Remember, online jobs for teenagers can be sourced in-person. Just conduct business online as that’s the best way.

11. Scholarship Hunting

While not a traditional online job, this is definitely something that will give you lots of money. Instead of finding a job, perhaps spend your afternoons applying for scholarships. Think about it… if you spend 10 hours applying for a $1,000 scholarship and you get it – that’s $100 per hour you’re earning as a teenager! I’m 25 so maybe things have changed. But I remember there were tons of $1,000 scholarships up for grabs. Perhaps the best online jobs for teens isn’t really even a job – it’s getting scholarships! Hello, free college education!

Perhaps your parents aren’t supportive of online jobs for teenagers. They may say stupid things like, “School is your job.” So if you have one of these parents, chances are they will still LOVE to see you filling out scholarships.

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12. Paid Surveys

This kind of an oddball way to make money but apparently some people have luck with it. Find an online site that will pay you to take surveys. They are pretty simple surveys to complete. Just don’t expect to get rich with this method. It is kind of fun though.

13. Bing Rewards

This isn’t a job at all but it’s a fun way to make a little extra money each year. Join Bing Rewards. They pay you for searching 15 things on Bing per day. It takes about one minute out of your day. I just use the search recommendations sidebar and click 15 times. Super easy. I’ve been doing it for over a year now. I get an Amazon gift card each month as my reward.

14. Selling Things Online

This was a big money maker for me when I was a teen. I flipped a lot of items on Craigslist and eBay (read about my adventures here). The money is good but make sure you have enough space in your house to carry out your business. There will be a lot of boxes, tape, products, etc. filling up your space. It drove my mom crazy when I had tons of stuff cluttering up the living room. There are many online jobs for teens but this was my favorite during high school.

Final thoughts about online jobs for teens

Getting a job as a teen is a must, in my opinion. I’ve even heard that the number one thing multi-millionaires have in common is they had jobs as teenagers. I started working when I was 14, and you can bet I’ll become a multi-millionaire.

Online jobs for teens are fantastic for so many other reasons, too. You make money early (which is always fun), build your resume, and you can place low bids to get jobs because your life expenses are usually super low. And there’s obviously no better way to make money than online. Online jobs for teens are plentiful and there’s a low barrier of entry. You gotta love the internet! I know I didn’t go into great detail about how one gets some of these jobs. Leave a comment below or message me for more details. What you need to do now is figure out how many of these jobs you want to do. Then you need to start acquiring them. You can start seeking jobs such as social media management today but contacting every person you know who has a business. Tell them how you can save them time and money by handling the social media management yourself. Business people are impressed when teenagers show this kind of initiative. It may even land you an epic full-time job after high school. I wouldn’t be surprised one bit. And don’t worry about rejection. If you never ask for anything, you’ll never get anything.

Which of these online jobs for teens will you start with?!




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