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Paying For Group Meals

Paying For Group Meals

When paying for group meals, do you get separate checks, split things evenly, or each put in whatever your share was? I prefer separate checks for a couple of reasons.

One, I rarely get much to eat when I go out. Typically I’ll get an entrée and that’s it. No drink, no dessert, no salad. Now and then I’ll get an appetizer, and when I do that I usually share with whoever else is at the table. Strangely, none of this is because I’m trying to save money. It’s just that I don’t like salads, prefer water to drink, and usually am too full for dessert. But I’m not thrilled with splitting the bill evenly with people who get an appetizer, salad, drink, mixed drinks, and dessert.

Two, I hate that moment when the check comes and everyone looks around like “how shall we handle this?” or when someone unexpectedly scoops up the check. I feel uncomfortable, and the easiest way for me to avoid that is to have my end taken care of already. Of course, if I want to pay for everyone (which admittedly doesn’t happen very often) I arrange that ahead of time too.

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  • Separate checks! As I give my order, I always make it a point to tell the waiter that I’m on my own check. I’m also water drinker, no dessert person. :)

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