Car insurance is a must. You can’t hit the road without it. It means protection for you and for others on the road. Yes, it protects you against damage and loss. But, it also shelters you against the claims of others.

There’s significant competition for your auto insurance premium. Few things advertise more heavily on television. And, interestingly, most of the insurers use comedy to sell. Those commercials may make you laugh, but they do nothing to identify the right auto insurance coverage for you.

3 Reasons it is Essential to Have the Right Auto Insurance Coverage:

According to Ellen Roseman, writing for The Star, “The purchase of automobile insurance is mandatory in Canada. If you drive without insurance, you may face heavy fines. Your licence may be suspended and your vehicle impounded.” But, meeting the minimal standards does not always serve your bests interests.

  1. Strength and reliability: Auto insurance does not come cheap. There are no true bargains if “cheap” leads you to unstable and unreliable companies.

It’s easy enough to research auto insurance companies. You should look into the length of their operation and their ratings. All insurance companies have a “Best’s” rating that helps you confirm the company’s solidity and performance. If the auto insurance company you are considering is not highly ranked, chances are their record is not good on paying claims.

  1. Claims Performance: Easily accessed research will also report on a company’s claims handling and customer service. A quality company will be transparent about its performance because it values customer feedback.

You must confirm how their customer service responds to customers. You want a personal and positive response. If you are treated like a number, you can appreciate that other parties to your claim are being treated poorly, too.

Insurance claims do not get better with age. You want the assurance that your car insurance will be handled quickly and efficiently with some personal interest on the part of the customer service people. If you have to wait on a claim and the other party to the accident has to wait, everyone gets agitated as the claim’s experience drags on.

  1. Features and benefits: Auto insurance policies have pretty standard functions. The policy covers loss or damage to your vehicle, damage to another, and medical coverage for you, your passengers, and occupants of other cars.

Within that basic structure, you can ask about flexibility and options. For example, you can manage the premium size by adjusting your deductible. Minimum and maximum coverage amounts vary slightly by province and territory. But, you can usually add or modify additional coverages.

Some insurance companies offer discounts. They may discount your premium cost because you have other insurance programs with the company. They may lower your price because of a good driving record, a certificate from a driver training program, or other options.

Your auto insurance drive-away!

CBC News claims, “Drivers without insurance push premiums up for others. “You don’t want to add to that number. But, the right auto insurance coverage may not prove affordable unless you shop well with the best insurance information available. So, do your research and work with a trusted broker!