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Preventative Health Care as an Investment

Preventative Health Care as an Investment

Preventative Health Care as an Investment

Did you know that the obesity epidemic in America is costing $150 billion dollars per year? People who are obese pay an average of $1,500 per year more than those who are not in medical costs. There is nothing wrong with your weight, but should you choose to look at it from a financial perspective, it is not a good investment. You will end up paying more in medical costs to treat excessive weight issues than you will in exercise and improved food to maintain a healthier body. By taking your health and wellness into your own hands, you will benefit on two fronts- cost savings and enhanced health.


Being obese is costly in more ways than one. Of course there are the lifestyle impacts. Being obese limits your range of motion and even circle of friends. Because there are certain activities you can not do, there are certain people it is hard to spend time with. Hyper-active sports like kitesurfing and snowboarding are probably not on your list of hobbies. Hiking, swimming, or even going for a walk might not seem like a fun thing to do. These are boundaries you are building between you and the rest of society. There are even certain places you have a much harder time going and therefore do not go- including the movies!


Beyond the physical/tangible effects, being obese can drastically affect your life. Besides the cost of eating out regularly, which can impact your budget significantly, your lifestyle costs are impacted significantly in terms of healthcare. Obesity and related healthcare issues are one of the leading causes of mortality in the US. Cardiovascular diseases are claiming more lives than ever, and obesity is one of those factors. Dealing with these issues is a costly affair- the American medical system charges patients heavily. Obesity often falls under a “pre-existing condition,” exempting diseases


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If you have decided to take action and change your health, sometimes a little help is all you need. You can kickstart your improved health campaign with low-cost treatments. Getting a $45 colon cleanse will get rid of a lot of toxic material that has built up in you over years of poor eating. If you are having trouble losing weight, despite having cleaned up your diet and beginning to exercise, sometimes your metabolism needs a kickstart with B12. A series of injections costs just $27- so why not give your body the boost it needs? Just because you reach out for help does not mean that you have failed in any way, shape, or form. Part of being a successful adult is recognizing when you need assistance. Getting help with losing weight is a transformative experience in more ways than one, too. By getting the help you need, you will not only gain new confidence in yourself, but lose that weight, too.


No matter how you approach changing your health habits, you will be happy you did so. Of course, your body will feel better than it has in ages. But you are also making an investment in your future, protecting your assets from insurance companies and the medical system.

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  • I loved where you started with the article, prevention is a big time money saver not just for the individual but healthcare in general. I am a registered nurse, and for the past 2.5 years I’ve been working for a BC/BS provider in preventative medicine. However, prior to that I was clinical nurse in an endoscopy unit for 4 years where we performed colonoscopy, endoscopies etc… Colon cleanses/colonics/whatever terms these “wellness clinic” use are not necessary and in many instances harmful. The body is an incredible machine, and cleanses the body of toxins naturally. Cleanses are only necessary prior to certain diagnostic procedures for the sake of accuracy.
    I love where you were going with the prevention mindset, because we all need to take accountability with health because it’s the number one cause of bankruptcy. But just felt compelled, as a healthcare provider to make that mention.
    Keep up the good work!

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